Nikkei Awards 3 People For Improving Lives Of Asians

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Nikkei Inc. awarded Wednesday the 2011 Nikkei Asia Prizes to three prominent Asians in recognition of their contributions to the improved well-being of Asian people.

The recipients of the prizes at a ceremony in Tokyo were: Antonio Meloto, 61, Chairman of Gawad Kalinga, a Philippine nongovernmental organization; Wu Maw-Kuen, 61, Director of Institute of Physics, Academica Sinica, Taiwan; and Bao Ninh, 58, a Vietnamese novelist.

Meloto received the award in the category of regional growth in honor of his commitment to building homes for low-income people in Asia. He helped slum-dwellers build their own homes with the help of governments and the business community. This also helped improve hygiene and education for these people.

Wu, a physicist, received the award in the science, technology and innovation category for his discovery of a yttrium-based high-temperature superconductor.

Ninh won the culture prize for a novel describing the tragedy of war based on his military service experience during the Vietnam War.

The award ceremony heralds the start of the Nikkei Asia Week. Many Asia-related events will be held during the week, including the 17th International Conference on The Future of Asia on Thursday.

(The Nikkei May 25 evening edition)

Titles of speakers, names of companies, etc., were correct as of the time when the forum was held.