Nikkei, Major Asian Media Make Policy Proposals

Friday, May 21, 2010

TOKYO (Nikkei)--Nikkei Inc. and other major Asian media outlets have compiled a set of policy proposals designed to help accelerate regional economic development and address various global challenges. We publish these proposals on the occasion of the 16th annual Future of Asia forum. It is our hope that the ideas we put forth will contribute to the advancement of Asia.

The following media outlets have both contributed to the policy recommendations and endorsed the ideas: JoongAng Ilbo (Republic of Korea), Maeil Business Newspaper (Republic of Korea), Vietnam News Agency, New Straits Times (Malaysia), The Straits Times (Singapore) and Kompas (Indonesia).

We will call on Asia leaders to:

(1) Establish a "common market" that would accelerate the economic growth of the entire region. For example, create a regional framework for free and open trade and investment, harmonize various systems for certifying industrial processes and products, and promote technological exchanges.

(2) Build a common economic infrastructure to achieve sustainable growth in the region. Strengthening regional cooperation to ensure stable supplies of food, water and energy is also needed.

(3) Promote regional cooperation on assisting areas hit by natural disasters. For example, build a region-wide framework for quickly responding to major earthquakes and influenza outbreaks, and providing assistance to affected countries and areas in the region. Establish a regional framework to address problems related to climate change.

(4) Strive to eliminate poverty through self-sustained economic growth. For example, countries in the region could cooperate on infrastructure projects for highways, harbor facilities and airports, as well as discuss effective methods for providing economic assistance.

(5) Promote personnel exchanges and deepen mutual understanding between countries in the region. For example, expand the current exchange programs for journalists, academics, students and NGO personnel, as well as strengthen cooperation among educational institutions.

(6)Create a regional body and launch regional funds for the research and development of innovative environmental technologies.

(7)Promote dialogue aimed at achieving mutual understanding and the peaceful resolution of territorial and historical disputes in the region.

Titles of speakers, names of companies, etc., were correct as of the time when the forum was held.