Nikkei Asia Prizes
The 23rd Nikkei Asia Prize Winners (2018)

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Economic and Business Innovation 
Mr. Ma Jun
Science and Technology
Professor Nguyen Thanh Liem
Culture and Community
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak
Mr. Ma Jun
Founding Director, Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE), China
Professor Nguyen Thanh Liem

Director, Vinmec Research Institute of Stem cell and Gene Technology, Vietnam

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak

Founder, Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, India

About the Prizes
Nikkei Asia Prizes, which are awarded each year, are designed to recognize outstanding achievements that contribute to the region's sustainable development and to the creation of a better future for Asia.
Nikkei Inc. established these awards in 1996 in commemoration of the company's 120th anniversary. The company publishes Japan's leading business newspaper, The Nikkei, and also operates online news services in Japanese, English, and Chinese languages, book publishing and compilation of the nation's most widely watched stock index.
Award Categories
Nikkei Asia Prizes are awarded annually in three areas of achievements: "Economic and Business Innovation," "Science and Technology" and "Culture and Community."

- Winners may be an individual, group or organization in Asia, excluding Japan. Japanese individuals, groups or organizations are not eligible since part of the purpose of the awards is to promote understanding within Japan of other Asian nations.

- Winners must be of Asian origin and reside in an Asian country/territory for at least six months every year. Non-Japanese Asians who reside in Japan are eligible.

As defined here, "Asia" includes East Asia (Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia), South Asia, as well as independent nations in the Pacific region, excluding Australia and New Zealand.
Nominations are welcome from specialists in the award categories who know of worthy candidates. Although Japanese individuals/groups/organizations may not be winners, they may submit nominations. Self-nominations are not accepted. Names of nominators will be kept confidential.
Judging will be based on each nominee's contributions to the region's sustainable development and to the creation of a better future for Asia. Consideration will also be given to the originality, impact, and newsworthiness of each nominee's achievements.
Winners of the Nikkei Asia Prizes will each be awarded three million yen and an award certificate. Winners are invited and obliged to attend the award ceremony which will be held in Tokyo in June.
Winners of the Nikkei Asia Prizes are announced in The Nikkei, The Nikkei Asian Review, and Nikkei's Websites.
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